Luxury Pre-Packed Maternity Hospital Bags & Accessories

Find pre-packed hospital bags that has everything you need for your trip to the hospital.

Your hospital bag is one of the most important tasks on a mother’s list when it comes to planning for your new baby’s arrival…The question is always, “What do I need to pack?” The last thing you want to worry about when you’re about to expect your long awaited arrival is whether you remembered to pack everything.

We have two types of luxury pre-packed bags available.

Standard luxury  Pre-packed hospital bags: A fabric nappy bag containing all the basic essentials for mom and baby.

Executive Luxury Pre-packed hospital bags: A leather nappy bag containing all the essentials and a few added extras for both mom and baby.  Giving birth is stressful enough, The Kiddie Company would like to simplify your birthing experience.

The Kiddie Company provides the ultimate in hospital bags providing comfort, convenience and caring for women preparing for childbirth. Our bags are beautifully styled and packed full of all the essentials for C-Section or traditional birth and for the arrival of your bundle of joy.

At The Kiddie Company, we focus on quality, and we want to provide you with products and garments that will take the stress, time and expense out of preparing your maternity bag and hospital bags for your big day. Our trusted, reliable payment gateway will allow you to order your luxury pre-packed bags from the comfort of your home. Our pre-packed baby bags make for a fantastic maternity leave gift or baby shower gift. All our bags are functional as well as fashionable, and we have an immense amount of variety to suit every mother's individual needs whether you are having a c-section or giving natural birth.

While you are purchasing the perfect pre-packed bag for your big day, browse through our range of newborn baby essentials. We have a large variety of feeding products, travel gear, clothing, toys, nursery furniture, and even natural range of baby products. The Kiddie Company puts your needs first, and we would like to assist you in finding everything you need. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.