What Toys Should You Be Buying For Your Child?

Buying toys for your child whether they’re 3 months old or 3 years old, can be quite challenging. There are so many mom blogs out there depicting what you should and shouldn’t be buying for your children and it can be daunting realising what toys you buy your child, is actually quite important.

Toys come in so many different forms and depending on what your preference is and of course, the stage in which your baby/toddler is at in their lives, there is a lot of influence. Kiddie Company has an array of the most suitable toys for your little ones.

There's tons of proof that tells us that certain textures or shapes have an effect on the development of our child. And over the last 20 odd years, there's been an alarming rise in toy production to accommodate this research. It’s great that we know more now, of course, however it can be challenging given the vast amount of toys in the shops. Choosing an age appropriate toy for your kid can be scary at first, know that we are here to guide you through the process, one click at a time ;)

When you have an infant, it is important to buy toys that consist of many different fabrics and textures that enable them to distinguish between the various touch and feels. When they reach 3 months, you can start getting more creative with the selection of toys and opt for bigger and brighter colours, along with the texture based toys. Of course, as they get older, the more action driven, the toys get. And we really do offer them all.

The quality of our toy selection is of utmost importance, which is why we only stock brand names that have a reputable reputation in the industry. So rest assured, you know that your little one is only getting the best.

Their development is important to you, just as much as it is important to us.

Allow Kiddie Company to help you in selecting your toys. Get in touch with one of our customer support consultants today, if you ever need advice on our products or just want to say hello.

We’re here for you :)