Gift Ideas For The Mamas, The Papas And The Babas

Gifts are probably one of the most appreciated items by both first-timers and advanced parents – no matter how big or small the present might be, it warms the heart and shows that you are just as excited as they are for this new journey in their lives.
Parents will give thanks to any form of support shown by those who have been a part of their social lives and even those they don’t get to see that often.
There are many occasions where you can get creative such as a baby shower, upcoming birthdays and the celebration of a newborn.  Here at The Kiddie Company we have taken some time to put together a few must have items ranging in price value for your ease of gift shopping, decision making and ultimately saving you precious time:-)

What better way to show appreciation of a bundle of love, joy and absolute happiness other than with a much-needed gift?

Moms and dads are so busy planning for their new adventures lying ahead and lending a helping hand won’t do any harm. If anything, it will mean the world to them.

You will have the option on all gifts to be beautifully boxed in a neutral colour gift box by selecting the gift wrapping option on the gift wrapping tab!

Think about it this way, what do parents need to care for their ray of sunshine to the best of their abilities?

We have a wide selection of gift options that you can pick and choose from.

To make it easier, maybe put yourself in their shoes and think about what you would appreciate as a gift for your precious newborn.

Have fun going through our list of gift options until you have decided which one is the PERFECT addition to their collection.

Are you having trouble deciding what to buy them? Are you not too sure where to start off? Why not browse the rest of the Kiddie Company’s online store?

We guarantee we can provide you with the perfect goodie that will put a smile on both the parents and the baby’s face.