Potty Training Products South Africa

The exciting moment when you realise that your baby no longer needs nappies and can now use the potty on their own is a huge milestone! The Kiddie Company has just what you need to make it happen, our potty training products range from baby potties to urinals, baby steps, and baby toilet seats.

Potty training your child is difficult enough, shopping for potties you need to start training them shouldn’t be, shop from the comfort of your home with The Kiddie Company. Our payment gateway is secure and reliable, we even deliver straight to your door. Get all your baby essentials fast, secure and online, while you relax in the comfort of your home.

When do I know my baby is ready for Potty Training?

There isn’t a certain age where your baby will be ready for potty training, each baby is different, however, they are usually ready to start learning between 18 and 24 months.

Behavioural signs:

  • When your baby becomes curious of your bathroom habits.
  • When they are able to pull their pants up and down.
  • Your baby may be removing their nappie if it is dirty, a dislike in wearing a dirty diaper.
  • When they give you some kind of sign that they need to “go”.

Cognitive signs:

  • When your baby can follow instructions such as “go get your bottle”.
  • When they have an understanding of putting things back where they belong.

The best diapers to start your potty training off with are pull up pants, this way you don't waste nappies and your baby can easily pull the nappie up and down by himself. Night time potty training is a little more difficult, the best way to night time potty train is to avoid giving your baby liquids too late at night and taking them to the potty before they go to bed.